Stumble Guys APK v0.50.3 for Android Download (Unlocked Pro)

Stumble Guys Apk for thrilling multiplayer races, hilarious obstacles, cross-platform play, extensive customization, and regular updates, and it’s free to play—start stumbling now!

Stumble Guys is a unique multiplayer gaming APK that offers an exciting and chaotic gaming experience like no other. With its thrilling races, hilarious obstacles, and customization options, Stumble Guys has quickly become a favorite among gamers worldwide.

Stumble Guys offers a one-of-a-kind multiplayer experience that has captivated gamers across the globe. With vibrant visuals, intuitive controls, and unpredictable challenges, it guarantees an adrenaline-pumping adventure every time you play.

Stumble Guys APK

Choose Stumble Guys for its seamless cross-platform functionality, extensive customization options, and regular updates that bring fresh content and new challenges. Experience the excitement. 

Download Stumble Guys and start stumbling today!

Why Choose Stumble Guys APK?

Stumble Guys stands out among similar companies for several reasons. First and foremost, their commitment to providing top-notch entertainment is unmatched. They prioritize delivering a game that is fun, engaging, and accessible to players of all skill levels. 

Moreover, Stumble Guys offers a unique combination of chaotic gameplay, stunning visuals, and a welcoming community, making it an excellent choice for gamers seeking an unforgettable gaming experience.

Stumble Guys surpasses its competitors with its unique & chaotic multiplayer gameplay, hilarious obstacle courses, cross-platform compatibility, extensive customization options, and regular updates that ensure a continuously evolving and engaging gaming experience.

Stumble Guys APK 0.50.3 Download 2023

Stumble Guys APK

Experience the latest version of Stumble Guys with the release of version 0.50.3. Our Apk is available for download, ensuring compatibility across various devices and operating systems. 

Tech Specs Stumble Guys APK 

Here are the technical specifications for Stumble Guys APK 0.50.3 represented in a table format:

Technical Specifications Details
Version 0.50.3
File Size 134 MB
Compatibility Android & PC
Required Android Version 5.1 and up
Developer Scopely Co.
Category Games
Downloads 48.6M+
Content Rating Everyone
In-app Purchases Yes
Last Updated June 17, 2023
Language English
Star Rating 4.5(4M reviews)

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  • Eggy Party
  • Subway Surfers
  • Run Race 3D
  • Fall Boys
  • Knockout Race
  • Fun Run 3
  • Sonic Forces – Running Battle
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In-App Screenshots:

Features of Stumble Guys APK 

Let’s explore the features of Stumble Guys APK in detail!

  • Chaotic Multiplayer Fun: Engage in thrilling multiplayer races against other players in a chaotic and unpredictable environment.
  • Hilarious Obstacles: Overcome a variety of challenging and hilarious obstacles as you navigate through the vibrant game world.
  • Customization Options: Personalize your character with unique outfits, accessories, and customization options to stand out from the crowd.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Enjoy seamless gameplay with cross-platform support, allowing you to play with friends regardless of their preferred gaming device.
  • Regular Updates: Experience new levels, features, and exciting content through regular updates that keep the game fresh and exciting.

How to Install and Use Stumble Guys Apk 

Now that you’ve acknowledged the features and advantages of Stumble Guys APK, it’s time to comprehend how to install and use it. So, let’s get started without any further ado! 

On Android

Installing and using Stumble Guys Apk on your Android device is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  • Download the Stumble Guys Apk file from the provided link.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in your device settings to allow installation from third-party sources.
  • Locate the downloaded Apk file and tap on it to initiate the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once installed, launch Stumble Guys and dive into the thrilling world of multiplayer mayhem.

If you prefer installing Stumble Guys from the Play Store, follow this link. Click on the link, press “Install,” and you’re done!


To install Stumble Guys APK on your PC, follow these steps:

  • Install a reliable Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer on your PC.
  • Download the Stumble Guys APK file from the provided link.
  • Launch the emulator and navigate to its file manager.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file and double-click on it to initiate the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once installed, launch the emulator and open Stumble Guys to start your gaming adventure on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Stumble Guys Apk legal?

Stumble Guys Apk is legal and authorized by Stumble Co. to provide multiplayer gaming entertainment on Android devices.

Is it safe to use Stumble Guys Apk?

Stumble Guys Apk is safe to use, verified by trusted sources and regularly updated to ensure a secure gaming experience.

How to install Stumble Guys Apk on Android?

To install Stumble Guys Apk on Android, download the official APK file from a reputable source, enable “Unknown Sources” in settings, then open the file to initiate installation.

Can I install Stumble Guys on PC?

Stumble Guys is primarily designed for Android devices but can be installed on PC using Android emulators such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

When was Stumble Guys APK created?

Stumble Guys APK was created in 2020 by Stumble Co., offering a thrilling multiplayer gaming experience.

Is Stumble Guys APK free?

Yes, Stumble Guys APK is available for free, allowing players to enjoy the game without any upfront cost.

How many people can play Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys supports multiplayer gameplay for up to 32 players, creating chaotic races and intense competition.

Can I Install Stumble Guys Apk on iOS?

Currently, Stumble Guys Apk is only available for Android devices, but there may be future plans for iOS compatibility.

Is Stumble Guys a ripoff of Fall Guys?

No, Stumble Guys is an original game developed by Stumble Co. It shares similarities in the genre but offers unique gameplay and features.

How big is the Stumble Guys APK for Android?

The file size of Stumble Guys APK for Android is approximately 100 MB, providing an immersive gaming experience within a compact installation package.”


In conclusion, Stumble Guys is the ultimate multiplayer gaming APK that delivers endless fun and excitement. Stumble Guys is the perfect choice for gamers seeking an immersive and thrilling gaming experience. 

Download Stumble Guys Apk now and join the countless players who have already embarked on this exciting adventure. Prepare to stumble, race, and laugh your way to victory in Stumble Guys!